Mobile is now a very the mundane gadget of today’s youth. Its proximity is inestimable; even the imagination of life without it in present scenario is almost impossible. Actually, mobile devices are the only gizmo in this modern era which can be seen in the hands of each and every individual across the globe, whether in the form of tablets, fablets or iPhone. Today, countries like USA, Australia and United Kingdom, India are still the hubs of the worldwide mobile revolution; usage of mobile apps has witnessed foremost surges in many other nations across the world.

Android and iOS Apps

With the immense use of smartphones, mobile apps and mobile app development is becoming an inevitable part of modern IT technology. Higher uses of smartphones are causing higher demand of mobile apps. The leading players in app market including Apple and Google are striving to attract users to their App Store by providing some relaxation in their regulations. All the small and big organizations are eager to acquire mobile apps from talented app developers for quality app development service.

Companies are looking for app developers who can create customized mobile applications for different types of businesses and various kinds of domains such as social networking, medical, banking and others. Having a mobile app for a business enables user to access company’s services just with the help of single click. Apps make users updated with particular service or products for which he / she want to keep him / she updated.

Basically Android and iOS mobile apps demand is more in present time that’s why almost 90% of apps of total app market is developed using iOS and Android technology.