Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) refers to designing, writing, and coding (basically in HTML) for your website so that there is a great chance that web pages of your website rank on top of search engine queries for particular search or keyword, especially with crawler-based search engines.


Search engines role are extremely significant for any online business. Over 90% of Internet user uses search engines to find products and services they want. A good SEO for your website ensures that your website fulfills all of the necessary criteria to get higher rank in search results. Without higher rankings, your website has very little chance of gaining search engine traffic. Inition Technology, SEO companies offer you the best ROI (return on investment) by delivering fresh and targeted traffic to your website that’s both free and effective.
Indexing varies with every search engine. In general, mostly search engines will index any new website within a week.
Both Yahoo and Google use two different approaches to come up with their SERPs (search engine results page) – Yahoo basically focuses on page optimization technique such as h1 tags, keyword density, etc. whereas Google favors off page optimization like inbound links. If you do more on page then Yahoo will rank higher and vice versa. For Google, if you are now addressing your off page, you need more backlinks and more time for these links to age.
It depends on the site which we are given to work with and the various requirements to reach the top positions. It is obvious that a 5 page site in a low competition market will take less time than a site with 300 pages competing for highly competitive terms. Generally an average promotion (site with 20 pages with moderate competition) would take approximately two week for website optimization, a month for link building and 2-3 months or so to attain rankings. Undoubtedly, you will see improvements just after the optimization done for your website.
Search engine marketing (SEM) is not a one-time project. It must be seen as an ongoing strategic process if you want to continually stay ahead of the market-competition. Our consultative process is to assess the client activities, strengths and weaknesses of your major competitors, and devising appropriate strategies for netting superior visibility for your website.
First we ask you to describe your business and type of market, also ask you to provide us a few suggested seed keywords. Then we manage these data and feed it to our database tools. From this tool we get hundreds of related keywords along with the information about how many people are searching for those keywords and how many other websites are competing with you for the traffic. We whittle the results to a few valuable key phrases tailored to your goals and budget. Identifying the most suitable keywords is the most interactive client/consultant phase. After a few rounds of emails or calls, we’re ready to take the reign and not bug you as much!
Yes. If you are blacklisted or banned from Google or any other search engines, we can work with you to get listed again. We will perform an audit and enough research to make sure you are using only recommended tactics and then communicate much to the search engines so they’ll index your site again.
Web development is backend coding or scripting language of a website. This strategy includes from developing a simple static web page to complex web site. Any website can be developed using Java, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, .Net and more depending on client requirements.
Of course! We have WordPress/Joomla coder expertise at the Genesis Frameworks. We love helping people with WordPress/Joomla installation, theme configurations, theme customization, and plugin support.
Here at Inition Technology, we have always prided ourselves on being the best in industry. We have expert SEO team applying latest strategies, specialized website development and designing team well aware of the modern designing and development techniques. We directly talk with clients time to time to ensure that your project progress in right direction. Clients may call us anytime and our support team is always available to help you. 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal. We don’t only make clients we make TRUST!! and so we are the leader in market.